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All particulars published by us are for information only and are not offers in the meaning of our general terms and conditions. Offers are to be sent to interested persons on their explicit wish by phone, by letter or by e-mail with a remark concerning our general terms and conditions. A contract will be concluded only after admission of such an offer in the meaning of our general terms and conditions.

Our publications and offers are based on information provided by our customers, clients or a public agency. We are trying to check all particulars in a correct way and to reproduce them. However any responsibility for completeness and accuracy is excluded.

We try to keep our publications on an actual level. However we may not guarantee that every offered object can be delivered. Definite actual information regarding a concrete object can be provided after contact was established and concrete interest was announced. The actual phone and fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses you find in the Legal Notice.

The published offers are designated for information of interested persons and companies only. It is not allowed to use them in a commercial way or to transmit them to other persons with commercial purposes. The use of pictures and texts without authorization is not allowed and is regarded as a violation of law.

When not mentioned otherwise introduction charges for our services are to be paid to us by the buyers or tenants. The sum of the respective charges is mentioned in the offers and is principally calculated on the basis of our general terms and conditions.

In case of links to other Internet sites we assure that we checked the contents of these linked sites and have not noticed any violation of law. However we take no responsibility for violations of law on outside Internet sites. We declare to remove the links in case we get notice of such violations of law.

Place of execution and venue for the settlements of disputes shall be Berlin.

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