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Relocation Information

Office relocation does not always go to plan. As such it can be helpful to get a few tips in the form of a checklist that can help towards a structured relocation.

Everything that you need to consider::

Rental contract should be signed by both parties
The lease for the new office space must be valid, ie, be signed by both parties. Only then can you be sure that the office space will be available to you. Contracts with moving companies, orders for new office furniture or orders for telecommunications and IT cabling should only be carried out if the lease is valid.

Apply for telecommunication connections
One of the most important aspects of your new office is the telephone / internet connections. Apply for it immediately after the contract is signed by both parties. Minimizing any potential delay between signing the lease and having the lines connected.

Planning of the new premises
No doubt, before signing the new contract you've had some thoughts surrounding spatial planning. Now we need to monitor the implementation (eg layout or IT cabling) and action the necessary orders (eg for new office furniture or equipment). You should also create a relocation plan, which can see where the furniture and the inventory shall be placed once you move in.

Plan return of your old office
A view of the old lease tells you what state you need to return your previously used office space. In general, the premises must be returned refurbished and cleaned. If necessary, installations made especially by you are to be removed and the office returned in its original form.

Relocation plan
The move requires thorough planning so that it runs smoothly and on time. Any delay or irregularity can result in loss of business. The following points should be taken into account:
  • Book a relocation company
  • Arrange telecommunication and IT installations
  • Secure packing of delicate items
  • Transportation of items to which should not be moved by moving companies (eg sensitive documents, art, etc.)
After the move
  • Notify your electricity provider of your new address
  • Previous office to be reinstated to required form.
  • Final statement of service charges, and reclaim deposit from previous lease
Moving notification
Now, a number of moving notifications must be sent. In addition to your customers, suppliers and business partners, you should inform:
  • Previous owner
  • Bank
  • Tax office
  • Accountant
  • Trade office
  • Certificate of registration office
  • Notary (necessary when changing the address of GmbH / AG)
  • Notify registration company for change of address for company vehicles
  • GEZ (ARD ZDF Germany Radio Feature Service)
  • Credit Information Service, where your business is listed (Creditreform, Bürgel)
  • Directories (such as yellow pages)
Documents and company equipment
Change of address must be made to the following documents/equipment:
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Company stamp
  • All advertising materials with address details
  • Website
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