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Information about the business location Berlin

Why settle in Berlin?
Why relocate your office to Berlin?
Why invest in Berlin?

Why Berlin? Explained!:

Berlin has the largest selection of office space
Welcome to the largest office market in Germany! Nowhere in Germany will find a larger selection of office and commercial space. With approximately 1.5 million square feet of office space available in all price brackets, ranging from 3.50 EUR sq m to 35 EUR sq m, the creative loft to the air-conditioned office tower - an unbeatable variety.

Berlin is located in central Europe
A glance at the map of Europe shows it. Berlin is in the center of the European market. The Paris-Moscow and Hamburg-Prague highways or a portion of each of them runs through the Berlin motorway ring. Flights to Western and Eastern cities in Europe are easily arranged.

Berlin is the capital
Parliament, Government, ministries, embassies, national agencies, associations of business and science - Berlin is the political decision-making center.

Berlin's leading conference city
With over 400 trade fairs and with 1.3 million visitors annually Berlin is the leading conference city in Germany.

Berlin has the largest concentration of research
Berlin-Brandenburg with its seven universities, 21 colleges and technical schools and 250 research institutes is a unique science and research landscape.

Berlin has a high quality of living
There is hardly any European capital city where you can find cheaper living and accommodation. Flats can still be found at affordable rents and the cost of living is relatively low. With one of the most highly developed transport systems - travel is quick and convenient through all city locations. Berlin also offers a vibrant nightlife and round the clock entertainment.

Public Transportation
Berlin has the best-developed transport system in Germany. In addition to the underground and S-Bahn network there is an extensive network of bus routes. Registered districts have modern tram networks and even some ferry services included in the public transport network.

Rail connections
Berlin also has the most modern station in Europe. Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) is just steps away from the government district.

Flight Connections
Berlin has two airports, they check in a total of 20 million passengers per year with a continued strong upward trend. Once the new BER Airport is opened, Berlin will have Europe's most modern airport.

The city highway and the Berlin motorway ring provide efficient access to the road network of the city. The running from northwest to southeast city highway connects the airport Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schoenefeld and will continue to bind optimally to the south resulting from Schoenefeld new airport.

Berlin has the best communication structure
The city has one of the best developed fiber optic networks in Germany. In addition, it has a high DSL availability and a dense wireless network for mobile voice and data communications.

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